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Electrolux Built-in Single Oven | EOE8P09X

Electrolux Built-in Single Oven | EOE8P09X

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Electrolux Built-in Single Oven | EOE8P09X



Expect delicious results with the 800 AssistedCooking Oven with food sensor. The sensor monitors the core temperatures of food and lets you select how you would like it to be cooked. It even shuts off when your meal is done. Now you can serve the perfect duck breast, every time.

Meet Your Personal Chef - AssistedCooking

AssistedCooking is like having a personal sous chef. Select the food you’re cooking and the oven sets the right programme and time for you - with faster preheating. You can even save settings to suit your taste.

Precision Cooking with Our Food Sensor

Thanks to our Food Sensor, you can achieve perfect results every time. It lets you monitor the cooking process by measuring the core temperature of the food. It will even let you know when your food has been cooked to the desired temperature and stop cooking.

Intuitive and Functional all at Your Reach. EXCite Touch Display

With the EXCite Touch Display you can easily adjust your ovens temperature and timings, whether baking muffins or cooking salmon. Giving you the technology you need, and the assistance you want, to cook the mouth-watering dishes you love.

Pyrolytic Cleaning for Sustained Sparkle

Keeping your oven like new isn’t hard work with our smart Pyrolytic Cleaning function. This self-cleaning system heats the oven to a temperature that turns grease and other residue to ash. Meaning you simply need to wipe the bottom. Never spend another day scrubbing.

Save Time with the Fast Heat up Function

Our Fast Heat Up function makes sure the oven is ready when you are. With a shorter pre-heating time compared to conventional heating, you can turn those spare moments into more memorable meals.

Pyrolytic Cleaning:

Cleans the whole oven saving you time and effort.

Multifunction combines Ultrafan fan cooking with other cooking functions, meaning you can choose the best setting to suit your cooking needs.

Ultrafan Cooking:

Ensures there is no transfer of flavours so you can cook sweet and savoury together.

Fan Controlled Defrosting:

Suitable for delicate items such as cream cakes, this light defrost circulates room temperature air around the food slowly, defrosting it hygienically in less than 1/2 the time!

Turbo Grilling:

combines grill and fan for a spit roast effect.

Temperature Probe:

Ensures your meat or fish is cooked to your taste.

Removable Door and Glass Panes for Easy Cleaning:

Removable door and glass panes for easy cleaning.

Child Lock for Added Safety:

The Child Lock function prevents an accidental operation of the appliance.

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