Ninja Foodi MAX 9.5L Dual Zone Air Fryer | AF400UK

Ninja Foodi MAX 9.5L Dual Zone Air Fryer | AF400UK

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Fancy outdoor eating indoors? Well, this Ninja fryer will soon have those BBQ steaks sizzling. It fries and grills to perfection without the grease, meaning it’s a much healthier way of cooking. You can pop in 9.5 litres of your favourite food, so go ahead and load up on those crinkly chips to go on a side plate.

And you can easily cook from frozen to chargrilled without defrosting first – those veggie sausages will be ready in no time. And for those carnivores in your family, the roasting function not only gives you tender pork and crisp crackling but fluffy potatoes too, so no excuse not to make the full Sunday roast. The bowl can easily be removed as well, making cleaning a doddle. 

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