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Hoover Freestanding Dishwasher White | HF3C7L0W-80

Hoover Freestanding Dishwasher White | HF3C7L0W-80

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Hoover Freestanding Dishwasher White | HF3C7L0W-80

This Hoover dishwasher doesn’t just wash your dishes. It studies how you use it and then gives you personalised solutions to get your dishes sparkling every time. Pretty clever, right? Just download the hOn app or use it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and take control of it wherever you are. It’s got loads of space too.

The Maxi Tub is big enough to take larger items like baking trays and oven shelves and the upper basket is adjustable. The Wash & Dry Rapid program will have a half-load washed and dried in just 45 minutes – perfect if time is of the essence.

The Eco program uses less energy and water so you can wash your dishes without worrying about your bills. It’s super simple to use thanks to the LED control panel. The Start Delay timer is handy if you need to put off the wash until later – delay the cycle by 3, 6 or 9 hours. The salt and rinse aid indicator will let you know when it’s time to top up – keep your dishwasher running smoothly for years to come.

  • Depth: 598 MM
  • Energy Rating: C
  • Pre wash cycle
  • Maxi Tub
  • Rapid Cycles
  • Fold Flat Racks and Cutlery Basket: Y
  • Full Size / Slimline: Full Size
  • Height: 820 MM
  • Adjustable Basket Height: Y
  • Number of Place Settings: 13
  • Programmable Functions: Y
  • Width: 597 MM
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Easy load
The new ladles' holder is studied to perfectly hold bread knives, ladles and other long items in the smartest way possible.
Less consumption
Thanks to the combination of the new innovative and high-performing Inverter Motor and its appositely created washing systems, your new dishwasher can reach up to C new Energy Class.
Natural drying
The automatic door opening system can be selected on all the washing cycles of the new Hoover H-DISH. During the drying phase, the door will automatically open a few centimeters, enabling the air to circulate in order to allow the natural drying of the dishes. The duration of the selected cycle will change allowing temperature optimization during the rinse phase and providing a significant reduction in energy consumption.
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