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Emporia SUPEREASY SE_001_UK smartphone

Emporia SUPEREASY SE_001_UK smartphone

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Easier than ever.

Making a phone call with a smartphone has never been easier. With real buttons for accepting and ending a call. Green to accept, Red to hang up – no need to swipe. And of course, the tools to surf the web or snap a few nice photos. Everything made simply, SE = everything super easy.

emporiaSUPEREASY, brings the ultimate in easy-to-use smartphones for those who primarily want to make and receive call. Below the clear 5" touchscreen, the product is equipped with physical keys to answer and end a call - no need to swipe! The menu and structure are simplified to make everything clear and easy. Whist simplicity is the core it is still a full functioning smartphone with GooglePay contactless, a 13MP main camera, 5mp selfie camera and of course is accompanied by our amazing training book to help those new to smartphones. With a 5“HD screen, 2 battery covers for you to choose the device with or without emergency button, loud and clear sounds, Hearing aid compatibility (M4/T4) and Charging cradle, this is a unique product for to help more users to become connected digitally

Product information

Call for Care button: Yes
Colour screen: 
Wallpapers: 
Calendar: 
Radio: 
Torch: 
USB C: 

Bluetooth: 
Screen size: 4.95 "
GPS: 
Hearing aid compatibility: 
Desktop Charger: 

Camera: 
Megapixel: 13 MP
MicroSD card: 
Weight: 160 g

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